General Information

Event Centre: The event centre is in the Wicklow GAA Centre of Excellence, Ballinakill, Wicklow. The event centre will open at 9.30AM. Registration, information, download, results and refreshments will all be in a large room upstairs accessed from an emergency side entrance. Competitors may only enter and leave the building by this entrance which will be signposted. Absolutely no mucky gear inside the building and absolutely no spikes.

Keys & Lone Travelers: If you have traveled alone to the event, please register at the event centre so we have a safety record if you get into difficulty. Competitors may leave keys (at their own risk) in a box that will be provided at registration.

First Aid will be available at the event centre. Please inform an event official as soon as possible of any potential problem.

Weather: Check this website before travelling to see any last-minute information, especially if the weather forecast is bad.

Download for all courses will be at the event centre. Please remember to download even if you do not finish your course.

Enquiries: any enquiries should be directed to the Event Team at the event centre.

SportIdent electronic timing will be used. Air punching is not enabled. Rented SportIdent Cards can be collected in the event centre from 09:30 hours. Please acknowledge receipt of the card by signing the SI card rental list. Rented SportIdent cards must be returned at download. Lost or damaged SportIdent Cards will incur a charge of €40.

Clothing Transfer: If weather conditions on the day are poor we will provide clothing transfer from the start to the finish only. That is, there will be no clothing transfer to the event centre. A sign in the car park and at registration will indicate whether we are operating a clothing transfer and we will probably also indicate this on the forum the day before the event.

Place clothing for transfer in a suitable bag (provided by you) with your name on it, and leave it in one of the large plastic sacks provided at the start. We take no responsibility for any items left for transfer so do not leave any items of value in the bag.

Regardless of whether the clothing transfer is operating or not, competitors can leave clothing at the finish which everyone will pass on the way to the start. Any items left are of course at the owner’s own risk.

Toilets: There are toilet facilities at the event centre. There are no facilities at the start or finish.

Changing Rooms: We do not have access to the changing rooms in the event centre.

Start: starts are between 11AM and 1PM. The start for all courses is a 2.5 km. walk (with negligible climb) from the event centre. Portions of the route are along a minor but public road. Please be careful when on, or crossing, this road.

We are providing a minibus to transport junior (M/W 14 and below) and veteran (M/W 65 and above) competitors only to the start, and back from the finish. Starts for the classes using the minibus will be concentrated in the early part of the start window to ensure such competitors can finish while the bus is still running. The bus will start running at 10:00 (not 10:30 as previously stated) and will run continuously until 14:30. A guardian may travel with juniors if necessary.

The minibus is not for the use of other competitors and all other competitors need to allow ample time for the walk to the start.

Call-up at the start will be at -5 minutes. If you arrive late the start official will try to assign you a new start slot, but you may have to wait a long time for one to become available on your course, so arrive early. The area around the start is relatively sheltered.

The start list will be available at the start and also at registration.

All courses will use a punching start.

Control Descriptions: available in the Start Area. Note that they are in the new 2018 format (PDF). Courses 13, 14 and Orange will have loose written control descriptions. All courses except courses 13, 14 and Orange will have loose pictorial descriptions. All courses will have pictorial descriptions on the map.

Finish: There will be no map reclaim – all competitors are asked to adhere to the spirit of fairness and not to share maps with competitors yet to start. The same finish is used for all courses and is 1.6 km from the event centre. Portions of the route are along public roads – please be careful when walking along or crossing the road. Transport from the finish to the event centre will be available for younger juniors (M/W14-) and older veteran competitors (M/W65+), only.

Entry on the Day: We have reached our competitor limit so there will be no entry-on-the-day. You must be pre-entered to compete.

Competitor Safety: Whistles must be carried by all competitors regardless of weather. This rule will be strictly enforced with checks at the Start. Whistles will be on sale in the event centre. Full leg covering is required for all courses. In the event of bad weather the event organisers may require you to carry a rain jacket. Please read the full event safety statement.

Refreshments: Light refreshments (tea/coffee etc.) will be available after the event in the same room as registration.

Prize Giving: The prize giving will take place in the same room as registration as soon as possible after 15:00. Prizes will be available to each first place finisher on the championship courses. Prizes will also be available for second and third place finishers on the Junior courses. There will be no prizes for the short courses.

Mobile Coverage: Mobile phone coverage in the event centre and the competition area is usually good.

Litter: Please follow the country code and leave no trace principles. Please bring all of your rubbish home with you – don’t leave it to the organisers to dispose of full rubbish bags.

Dogs are not permitted in the parking, event centre or competition areas, even if they are on a leash. Please respect this – we are entirely reliant on the continued goodwill of the local farming community and the National Parks and Wildlife Service.